SQLBits has come and gone and I had an amazing time! Unfortunately, post conference I had a nasty cold so I’ll blame that for being way way way behind on blogging about it. Truly, the UK has something special. The event was amazing, the speakers fantastic, and based on what you could have seen of the hotel lobby some nights, we all had way too much fun. Thanks so much to all the organizers for putting on such a great event! If you’re able to get over there, I highly recommend it, and I hope to be able to return in the future!

Mom did a much better write up (with pictures!) of everything we did while we were in London, so I’ll point you in that direction: Always Have an Exit Strategy! Our SSRS version of Words With Friends will be making an appearance this Saturday at SQL Saturday 118 in Madison, WI so if you can’t wait for the videos for SQLBits to go online and you can head over to Madison, you can see it live there! We will also be presenting it at SQL Saturday 131 in Phoenix on April 28. And if that’s not enough SQL Saturday goodness, we just got done with SQL Saturday 111 (the eleventy first!) in Atlanta, GA! Yes, we are doing three SQL Saturdays in a row. And yes, we just got done with London only a couple weeks ago. I’m tired.

SQL Saturday 111 was a great time. It was so funny to see so  many of the same people from London just a couple weeks prior in Atlanta. It really is a tight community! The organizers did a great job with the event, a TON of people showed up, and it was really cool to see not only the large number of women speakers, but also the large numbers of women in the audience! I presented my session Think Outside The Group!, which I will also be presenting at SQL Saturday 131, and which I also presented at SQLBits. The slides are available here, the MDX Queries here, and the Report Solution here. NB: If you saw me give this talk at SQLBits, I added a slide and a couple other examples when I presented in Atlanta so there are some minor differences, but only in added content!